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Be a guest author for Shipping and Freight Resource

Be my GuestBe a guest author for Shipping and Freight Resource

As we all know and have been told, “Sharing is Caring“, “Giving is Receiving” and all those good things..

We can do this in our Shipping and Freight industry as well.. ūüôā

How, you may ask.. Well,

  1. Do you work in the Shipping and Freight industry..??
  2. Do you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Shipping, Freight, Maritime, Customs or other related fields..??
  3. Do you wish to help other people in enhancing their knowledge in the shipping and freight industry and help them in their work..??

Then you might be able to add more value to this blog and its readers by sharing your experiences in the industry with everyone else by writing a GUEST POST (article) for this blog..

Why should I guest blog, you ask..??

For starters, guest blogging is a good way to relate¬†your experiences in the industry by sharing valuable information with others…

  1. You could have handled some fantastically unique cargo which you want others to see and learn.. You could share that here with the readersimage for guest blogging
  2. You had some bad experiences with your buyer, seller, shipping line, customs or port and you could use this platform to guide/warn others on WHAT NOT TO DO in similar situations
  3. You have some great ideas about something related to the industry that you want to shout out from the rooftops, but you need a platform

Well this is your chance to do all of the above mentioned and reach over 7.8 million viewers of this blog..

As long as your post follows the Guest Post guidelines of this blog, and is suitable and relevant to the industry, I will publish it with due credit to you (the author)..

As simple as that really..




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