Awards and Recognition

This educational resource about Shipping and Freight has won multiple awards and received recognition from prestigious shipping institutions and publications which you can view below..

Each year, Trade Finance Global nominates and presents Shipping Awards in Excellence to entities that directly or indirectly contribute towards the development of shipping, import/export and trade finance sectors..

Each category was judged by a panel of professional judges and 2016 was the biggest awards to date, chosen from over 30 companies across 7 sectors..

Shipping and Freight Resource received the “BEST SHIPPING RESOURCE” award for 2016..

According to TFG’s judging panel

“Shipping and Freight Resource were singled out for their engaging content and TFG felt that it provided immense value for new and established players in the shipping industry. This was also reflected by the engaged and active global community of Shipping and Freight Resource and their coverage of in depth information for industry specialists.”

Shipping and Freight Resource participated in the South African Blog Awards 2016.. The SA blog awards showcase the very best of South African independent web publishing in various categories..

My blog competed in the category for Best Educational Blog and Shipping and Freight Resource was selected as the Best Educational Blog in SA among all participants for 2016..

Top 100 Goods Transport BlogsThe Top Goods Transport Blogs index selects and lists the Top 100 best blogs in the shipping, freight and logistics industry from among thousands of top Goods Transport blogs using search and social metrics..

Shipping and Freight Resource blog was identified, listed and ranked #3 out of 100 in this list for 2016..



  • By IMO (International Maritime Organisation) as an educational resource
  • By Xeneta as one of the top 24 supply chain blogs
  • By Logistics Degree as one of the 95 key websites on global shipping and freight