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Trade Finance Global

Best Shipping Blog – 2016

Shipping and Freight Resource were singled out for their engaging content and TFG felt that it provided immense value for new and established players in the shipping industry.

This was also reflected by the engaged and active global community of Shipping and Freight Resource and their coverage of in depth information for industry specialists.


Best supply chain blogs 2017

Shipping Freight Resource has a plethora of interesting blogs that can answer, demystify, and clarify a lot of the jargon and questions that get thrown around in the biz. An educational resource that is dedicated to explaining the processes in the shipping in freight industry.

The explanations come in the form of a practical, simple and interactive means making it easier to understand what makes the industry tick.

Logistics Degree

Key Websites on Global Shipping and Freight

Shipping and Freight Resource functions as an intuitive resource for shipping and freight, often posting useful blog entries that detail some of the more convoluted aspects of properly working in the industry.


Greats of Shipping Business Journalism

Hariesh’s passion for education and training inspired him to write a multi-award-winning educational blog about Shipping and Freight.

The blog assists millions of people worldwide to enhance their shipping and freight knowledge.

It provides valuable information, advice, insight relating to the industry and inspires productive discussions.

SA Blog Awards

Best Educational Blog for 2016


60 Best Shipping Blogs you should follow in 2023

This is an educational site that endeavours to explain and discuss interactively, practically and in simple terms, the processes and procedures involved in the shipping and freight industry.

This blog covers a variety of topics ranging from imports to exports to hazardous goods to types of containers to types of ships, and other items of interest relating to the shipping, freight, container.


45 Best Freight Blogs you should follow in 2023

Shipping and Freight Resource by Hariesh Manaadiar has been providing quality content to the industry since 2008, helping readers understand more about this industry and the business of Shipping, Freight, Maritime, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Trade, allowing them to make better business decisions.

This is where shipping and freight professionals come for quality content, industry news, analysis, interactive discussions, executive insights from experts in the industry, and more.


Best Maritime Blogs and Websites

#10 most popular maritime blog
THE definitive online resource for the industry


Top Transportation Blogs

Shipping and Freight Resource, a blog authored by industry expert Hariesh Manaadiar, is different from many of our other award winners because it’s primary focus is on education.

The blog is an extremely high-quality resource aimed at educating newcomers to the shipping, freight and logistics industry, improving the knowledge base of people operating within the industry, and providing insights and advice related to the field.