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Telex Release and Master Bill of Lading

Telex Release and Master Bill of Lading, what is the relationship and can a Telex Release be effected on a Master Bill of Lading..??

This is one of the questions I received today from a reader..

Before we discuss the answer, let me refresh your memory about these two terminologies..

Telex Release : A telex release is simply a message that is sent by the shipping line or agent at load port to their office or agent at discharge port advising that the shipper or exporter has surrendered one or all of the original bills of lading that have been issued to them, and that the cargo can be released to the consignee shown on the bill of lading without presentation of any original bills of lading..

Master Bill of Lading : Master Bill of Lading (MBL) is issued by the Shipping Line (Carrier) to the NVOCC/Freight Forwarder –  also known as Ocean Bill of Lading

Can a Telex Release be issued on a Master Bill of Lading..??

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The short answer to the above question is YES.. For any bill of lading that is issued in Original, there is a possibility of a Telex Release being issued.. BUT, this is subject to certain conditions such as :

  1. The shipping line involved allows Telex Release
    • Some shipping lines do not allow Telex Release or Sea Waybill and insist only on original bills of lading as part of their policies..
  2. The country’s rules allows the issuance of Telex Release
    • Certain countries like Colombia, do not allow Telex Release or Sea Waybill and cargo can be released only against presentation of original bill of lading to Customs..
  3. That all freight owed to the shipping line have been paid..

So unless you are shipping to any of the countries that do not allow Telex Release using any of the lines that do not allow Telex Release, or the freights have not been paid, then there should be no reason why a Telex Release cannot be issued on a Master Bill of Lading..

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  1. i want to know way of sending telex release to customer port , by mail with any other documents.
    and I need one format of Maersk telex release.

  2. Hi!!!
    Can you please clarify whether TELEX Release is possible while trading with China?
    I mean is this TELEX Release acceptable while trading with China?

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