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Advance Manifest Information for shipments to EU

This is a guest post by Mike Poverello..

It is quite apparent that the mandatory requirement for advance manifest information is gaining momentum. Until now, RSA exporters/carriers have only really had to contend with providing  advanced containerised information to North America – the USA and Canada under the Container Security Initiative arrangement.

The EU, will with effect from 1 January 2011 implement a similar set of requirements for all exporters sending goods to any of the 27 members of the European Union. This requirement no doubt has a significant impact on South African exporters to the EU. It will also place increased strain on our logistics operators and Terminal operators to plan and manage the influx of export containers at container terminals. Details of the initiative are as follows:

With effect of the 1st of January 2011 all European Union ( countries including Norway and Switzerland will implement Commission Regulation (EC) No 1875/2006 better known as the “24 Hour Rule”. The rule, similar to that implemented in the United States some time ago and known as the Cargo Security Initiative (CSI), requires that for all cargo entering the EU Carriers must submit an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to the first port of call in the EU; at least 24 hours before cargo is loaded onto the vessel bound for the EU; at the non-EU port of loading. This declaration includes comprehensive information on the cargo, including:

  • Bill of lading number
  • Shipper and Consignee name and address (EORI number, if available)
  • Notify party (Mandatory if Consignee is “To order”; EORI number, if available)
  • Acceptable goods description
  • 4 digit HS commodity code
  • Package type
  • Number of packages
  • Container number
  • Gross mass (kg)
  • UN code for dangerous goods
  • Seal number
  • Transport charges method of payment code (e.g. cash, credit card; to be provided only where available)

Ocean carriers serving the European-Southern African trade route have posted further information on their web sites at the hyper links listed below –

Maersk Line

Hapag Lloyd



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Mike Poverello
Mike Poverello
Mike Poverello – has served with South African Customs for 29 years, 20 of these being in unbroken service as a Customs Official, and the remaining 9 as a consultant and adviser to SARS in the policy, legal and information technology areas. He also has 5 years experience in consulting to international IT firms in the Customs and Tax systems space. Currently he is pleased to be part of the Customs Modernisation Programme in SARS. You can visit Mikes Customs Blog on



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