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A farm in your shipping container

shipping and freight news - shipping and freight resourceHuman ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness never fails to amaze me..

Imagine you are in cold Alaska or hot Kuwait where you just cannot get some of the fresh vegetables that you may need from a local farm because of the tough and extreme weather conditions..

A shipping container can provide a solution for that..

Enter The Greenery™..

The Greenery™ is the next generation of farming and is the culmination of years of development and learning from hundreds of farmers..

Finely crafted from the bottom up with brand new technology using shipping containers, the Greenery boasts a growing space 320 sq. ft and a totally new farming experience for users..

Here’s how it works..

a farm in your container - shipping and freight resource

The Greenery combines dynamic aisles with vertical plant panels and LED technology to boost yields and create streamlined operations for the farmer..

Bright directional lights shine from 112 rigid 5:1 red-blue LED panels inside the container providing plants with a light energy 3 times the normal light energy output.. This results in larger and fuller crops in less time..

The container has Intelligent LED Spectrum Control with blue dominant, red dominant and red-blue combination arrays..

a farm in your container - shipping and freight resource

The default is a 5:1 red-to-blue ratio which is ideal for all stages of mature plant growth and farmers can also switch between blue-and red-only spectrums to simulate sunrise and sunset..

The container(s) are also fitted with a unique 5-channel plant panel design which replaces traditional crop columns to unlock more growing space creating a unique opportunity to maximize production..

These plant panels reduce and repurpose unusable space, turning it into fertile ground providing maximum yield and a 70% increase in growing space..

These user-friendly and lightweight panels have 36,960 inches of total linear growing space and are made of a high-grade foam mesh..

Larger crops like lettuce etc are grown in traditional rows but strategically alternated to maximize available space whereas smaller crops like spinach and radish are interplanted between the larger ones.. Other small herbs and leafy greens take full advantage of the Greenery’s 70% extra growing space.

a farm in your container - shipping and freight resource

This integrated hydroponic garden allows for a potential 4,608 seedling sites and inside the container is a stainless steel seedling table engineered to house plants in their first 2-4 weeks of life while giving farmers a sturdy surface for seeding, transplanting, harvesting, and packaging..

Independent irrigation systems continuously nourish plants with nutrient-rich water allowing the seedlings to grow up toward 3:1 red-to-blue LED light panels with minimal light fall-off or wasted energy..

Apart from the seedling nursery and workstation, the container also features a 40-gallon water tank, electrical plug-ins, smooth flooring while its 36,000 BTU climate-control systems monitor optimal humidity, pH balances, and temperature..

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this container farming system is its adaptable aisles design which allows the LED panels and crop rows to move laterally along a sliding rack system so that it maximizes space, optimizes workflows, increases production capacity, and gives plants greater freedom to grow..

This provides easy access to plants for convenient harvesting, pruning, cleaning, and maintenance..

Add on to this, the easy-to-use digital platform aptly named farmhand® you can now manage, analyze, and remotely control your farm from across the world..

a farm in your container - shipping and freight resource

farmhand® uses the inbuilt climate control sensors to remotely monitor and control the climate, and even replicate ideal environmental conditions for consistent crop quality on a large scale..

Here are some images for you to appreciate the awesomeness and entrepreneurial vein of this project..

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Source: Freight Farms 

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  1. I think the shipping container could possibly be the most underrated invention of the modern era. I also believe we have not seen the full extent of its versatility.


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