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Have you got your smart container evaluation kit..??

Ever since Hapag-Lloyd's announcement of equipping their entire container fleet with IoT sensors, shipping companies are more aware than ever of the opportunity to convert their existing container fleets to smart containers, unlocking countless digital possibilities. In its continuing promise to help shipping companies towards Contopia, Loginno is introducing a no-strings-attached evaluation kit for smart containers. The kit, available to purchase now through the website, enables shipping companies to experience smart container functionality, opening a dialog about unlocking this new and exciting playground. The evaluation kit will include a flexible number of AGAM container brains, and Loginno's critically acclaimed shipper-ready...

Don’t wait for a smart container – make your container’s trip smart

An increasing need for container tracking

In today's global trade, handling of container transport and supply chain is not that easy and comes with a plethora of problems. Lack of visibility is one of the main problems that customers face. Lack of visibility of a shipping container's location and its condition during a trip may lead not only to unexpected delays but also to possible theft and deterioration of goods especially if these problems are noticed far too late. In many situations, it is also difficult to ascertain and be assured that the goods have traveled in the optimal condition especially with perishable cargo or hazardous cargo shipments. Without visibility, shippers cannot expect the fastest, safest and importantly, the most ecological routes for their shipments. Time saving and product quality are key factors in a well functioning supply chain, and more and more companies are looking to choose solutions that provides visibility of their shipments.

The first Smart Container Innovation Lab – Contopia Labs announced by Loginno

A few decades ago or even a few years ago, no one would have believed that a simple rectangular steel box with 6 sides (well most of the time) would be termed "smart".. Well, the "smart container" as it is termed now is here to stay..

Nothing displays the seriousness of this innovation better than when someone announces the setting up of the world's first smart container innovation lab.. 

Are you ready for 20,000 smart containers..??

Digitalisation is the buzzword making the rounds currently, especially in the shipping and freight industry..

IT boffins are creating it, VCs are funding it, Entrepreneurs are finding new uses for it, Freight Forwarders, Shipping lines, Banks and Ports are adopting it, riding the wave of digitalisation..

There are many use cases relating to technology in the shipping and freight industry, but nothing screams "we are serious about digitalisation" more than a company running a competition for container operators, in which the winner gets to convert their entire container fleet into Smart Containers..

Yes, you heard right.. An entire container fleet..

We caught up with Shachar Tal, the Co-Founder of Loginno, the company that ran this competition..

Hamburg Süd unveils smart container with RCM

Smart Containers are continuing with its growth trajectory and well on its way to becoming a part of our daily lives it seems.. As I wrote in my previous article, Smart containers are containers which are equipped with sensors designed to provide real-time tracking of its location and movements..

Using this technology, whether you are a shipping line, customer or security agency, you can track the progress of your containers anywhere in the world, plan your equipment and stock inventory which could possibly lead to reduced costs..

CMA-CGM, Maersk Line, MSC, ZIM Lines, are some of the lines who are already offering smart containers in the market..

Hamburg Süd (now part of Maersk Line stables) became the latest line to announce its future use of Remote Container Management (RCM), which was announced at the Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin..

Which will be the first shipping line to have 100% smart containers..??

How would you like your entire container fleet to be made up of smart containers..?? It is a reality and a possiblity..

If you are a shipping line operating at least 1 service and have no more than 150,000 containers, you can enter a competition to convert your shipping containers into smart containers..

No this is not a myth or a joke..

MSC continues its investment in smart containers

Smart containers are dubbed as one of the innovations that is set to change the way in which we carry out traditional container shipping services..

This innovative technology is said to transform a standard ISO container into a smart, connected object which collects and communicates real-time data on its position and movements throughout its journey..

MSC’s is partnering with TRAXENS to convert 50,000 of its dry cargo containers to smart containers..

My name is Container 42, the smartest container on the planet

Innovation, creativity and digitalisation is in full flow within the shipping and freight industry.. The ubiquitous freight container has remained the same in terms of its design and structure and has not undergone much significant change in the last 50 odd years.. But in the recent past, it is being transformed quite dramatically.. Whether as a smart container or as an art form to create awareness or as a useful tool in society, the freight container is moving forward in leaps and bounds.. As of today, 23,047,993 TEUs are in circulation around the world.. That is 23 million+ TEUs..!! Yet if a container or...

Containers with smart technology

Innovation in containers and ships continues to keep the shipping and freight industry relevant, current and make it more secure and useful for everyone in it..

I am sharing below an article about a unique smart technology which transforms containers into smart connected objects..

Real-time visibility coming to entire fleet of Hapag Lloyd containers in 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for customers to know exactly where their containers are at all times. Whether it was consumers sitting in the comfort of their homes awaiting goods ordered online or hospitals awaiting essential supplies to manage patients or supermarkets awaiting consumer goods to cater to the COVID-19 induced demand, everyone is keen on knowing where their goods are. Hapag Lloyd, the world's 5th largest container shipping line has announced that they will be introducing real-time monitoring of its ENTIRE container fleet. "In 2019, we've already successfully introduced real-time monitoring for our reefer container fleet. Now with the...
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