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20 ways the shipping container has taken over the world

In today’s shipping environment, nothing is more popular than the ubiquitous container.. You have read several articles in this blog about the freight container that apart from being used in shipping, is very widely being used for many other types of activities..

Recently I came across an infographic that outlined 20 ways in which the shipping container has taken over the world..

Thought you might like it..

image for 20 ways

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    • Very interesting info graphic including the ways of taken over the shipping container around the world. Shipping container play a big role to export end import cargo and consignments and also helpful to reduce shipping cost. Thanks for sharing this clear view of shipping container through this info-graphic.

  1. Thanks, Harriesh. For giving such brief and clear view of the shipping containers. It has big role as it has connected the whole world to import and export. Especially loading cost of shipping cargo becomes very less ad compare to when shipping containers are not invented.

  2. Very informative article. Till few years ago, ships with 2500 TEU were considered as very big now vessels with over 10000TEU are being built. What will be future trend in carrying cargo? …

  3. Hi Hariesh,
    Wery interesting. a slight precision about vietnam.
    macLean was selected by Us army to carry containers to vietnam. he was ‘upset’ to have a roundtrip journey where eastbound was with full container and westbound with empties only.
    Japan was at this time growing starting exporting the first ‘electronic’ items (tv, radio …)
    Maclean decided after empty boxes loaded from vietnam back to US, that vessels will go to Japan, where containers will be stuffed with these items to be shipped to US. Then opportunity for him to have full journey with full containers and freight (and revenue).
    that’s was also the birthing of the first regular line in the shipping container industry !!!
    (thks to M. Levinson – the Box)

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