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10 ways to use this blog effectively

blog icon imageimage for information tagOne of the main objectives of this shipping and freight resource blog is to provide information to the newcomers to the shipping industry..

In order to find and view the required information, it is important to understand the structure and design of this blog, know how to navigate it effectively, where to go, how to look for articles of interest and how and where to ask questions..

Here’s 10 ways to use this blog effectively :

1) The best place for new readers to start would be the page that talks about this blog.. This page gives you a clear idea about what this blog is about and its objectives..

2) The next thing you can do is to explore the Menu Bar..

Image of menu bar

Wherever you are, if you click on the image of the ship it will take you to the home page of the blog.. When you hover over the titles About, Topics, Resources and Contact you will see drop down menus with various other options..

3)When I started writing this blog, I started with the basic articles in a chronological order.. You can click here to go to the first postor you can click here to view all the postsfrom October 2008 in chronological order..

4) You can also view the list of articles articles listed per month..

5) If you want to look for articles belonging to a certain category, on the menu bar you can go to Topics => Listed by Category => Select the required category.. For example if you want to look for articles about Incoterms®, then you can go to Topics => Listed by Category => Incoterms® and presto, you can view all the posts categorised under Incoterms®..

6) At the bottom of each of the posts, you will find a link to the next or previous post.. You will find these links just above where the Comments Section starts..

7) Comments Section – this is a very important section to share your views, opinions, answer other readers questions about a particular article..

Image for comment bar

This is an interactive blog, so don’t feel shy, do contribute using the comment form..

8) You will find the almighty Search Bar next to the main menu.. Whatever information you are looking for on this blog, just type the keywords here and press Enter.. More often than not, you will find what you are looking for..

9) Searched the blog and didn’t find what you were looking for..?? Never mind, you can ask your shipping and freight related question using the Question Form in the sidebar.. The questions you ask here comes directly to me via mail and I will answer you either in response to your email or if I find the question to be interesting, then I answer it as a post for everyone else also to benefit..

10) At the bottom of each posts you will find Related Posts – which links you to similar articles from this blog..

If you have any doubts in navigating this site, accessing information or finding out where certain items are, please drop me an email..

Why don’t you take part in the site survey which will be of assistance to improve this blog for all..

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Hariesh Manaadiar
Hariesh Manaadiar
I am Hariesh Manaadiar, the Founder of Shipping and Freight Resource.. I have been in the dynamic shipping and freight industry for over three decades and have worked in several sectors.. I share my experiences and knowledge of the industry through this blog for those looking for help in the industry.. Stay subscribed for more free useful content about shipping, freight, maritime, logistics, supply chain and trade..


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