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10 best countries to export from

The business of trading, exporting, importing, moving cargo across borders, closing all-important deals and dealing with customers around the world is becoming the norm as globalisation is making the world smaller and smaller..

This also means that understanding local markets, realising the potential of growing markets and quickly operating in these hidden gems is of vital importance to open up doors and opportunities which give your business the edge over your competitors..

image for TFGFor this you need the right information about the country, its products and the peculiarities of that market..

Trade Finance Global promises to provide you just that.. As per TFG, they have analysed GDP and export data with the economic growth rate of countries; studied population demographics and infrastructure investment and have come up with their TFG Business Abroad Guide which lists the ten best countries that businesses could consider exporting from..

This guide gives the low down, some great facts, and TFG’s opinions when it comes to doing business in these markets..

For example,

  • Brazil has the largest population in South America and is a gateway to Latin American countries, but the most exciting opportunities in terms of exporting will come from IT products..
  • India is an interesting export hotspot especially for outsourcing and services sector because of it’s huge entrepreneurial young workforce (half the population is under 30) and with a growth materially faster than China..
  • Turkey is very strong in the Pharmaceutical industry and maybe considered a gateway to Eastern European and Asian markets and is also a promising export hotspot due to its over 700,000 graduates each year..

Want to know more with facts and figures..?? Great.. You can view and download the TFG Business Abroad Guide for free right here..

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